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Al-Rafidain TV
Al-Rafidain TV
Pays:  Iraq
Catégorie: Actualites
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Al-Rafidain TV is an Iraq-based Arabic television channel broadcasting from Cairo, Egypt where its headquarters is located. Launched on 10 April 2006 on Nilesat, the channel is owned by Sunni Arabs and has an anti-Western agenda and supporting Association of Muslim Scholars.
Aletejah tv  Iraq - Actualites
Aletejah TV is an Iraqi channel. It is one of the most watched news channels in Iraq[citation needed]. It openly supports the Popular Mobilization

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Al Rasheed TV  Iraq - Actualites
Al Rasheed Satellite Channel (Arabic: قناة الرشيد الفضائية‎‎) is an Iraq-based satellite television channel broadcasting from Baghdad where its

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Iraqi Media Net  Iraq - TV Publique
Iraqi Media Net or Al Iraqiya is a National TV channel. It was launched in 2003 and it offer News and Political programming. Sroll to the bottom of

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Asalam tv  Iraq - Religion
تلفزيون السلام ـ الأول في فلسطين لإستفساراتكم .... تلفزيون السلام - فلسطين - طولكرم - عمارة دعباس - الطابق الثالث

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Payam TV  Iraq - TV locale
کەناڵی ئاسمانی پەیام بنکەی سەرەکی لە شاری سلێمانیە لە باشوری کوردستان. کەناڵێکی هەواڵی سیاسیە و گرنگی دەدات بە ڕوماڵی ڕوداوە گەرمەکان، هاوکات گرنگی

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Turkmeneli TV  Iraq - TV Publique
Türkmeneli TV, 2004 yılında Irak'tan yayın yapmaya başlayan bir televizyon kanalıdır. Türkiye'de Türksat 4A uydusu ve Teledünya

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